For those without a minute to spare,

We are starting a new website for the business community in Mobile, Alabama. You will find podcast interviews of local business owners, business listings that allow you to get free exposure on a highly trafficked URL, articles about business topics that will help you make smart decisions while growing your business, and a newsletter that let’s you know what else is going on in the local business community. We will be rolling out most of the features on May 1, so if you want stay informed and show up in our business directory, fill in the form to the right.

For those sitting on the porch with some sweet tea,

A little over 10 years ago I moved my family to the Mobile Alabama area. Hurricane Ivan provided a welcome committee that one does not just forget. One of the things I have loved about Mobile is the focus on Small business and the entrepreneurial spirit that seems to continually flow like the waters in Mobile Bay. Coming from “the big city”, I loved the idea of getting to an area where I could meet and work with other entrepreneurs to make things and help them build their businesses.

That feeling is ingrained in what we are doing here on We are planning something big for the business community here in Mobile. We want and need you to take part. We want to create a spark that starts something big here.

So that is a lot of big talk. What does it all mean? Well, we are currently building out a new website & should begin rolling out new features as of May 1.

The plan is to have:

Audio podcast

We will be conducting interviews of local business owners and leaders in the business community. We’ll be asking questions about their business. What it is exactly that they do (a chance to plug their product/services). How they got started. Things they’ve learned along the way. Advice they would give to a new entrepreneur. If you are interested in being interviewed email me

Free business directory

This domain does very well in the Search Engines. We want to make sure that if someone searches for a service or product in the Mobile Area that your business is shown. The directory will be one of the first things we go live with. Make sure to use the form to the right to enter your information.

Articles about business and for business

There are some really smart people in this area. If you want to educate others about what you do or have a topic you’d like to write about contact us. Ideally this is something that many of us take part in.

Events calendar

Once you've registered as part of the business directory you'll be able to enter in events that you will be hosting. We want to be the one stop for finding out what is happening in the Mobile Area. Give us the information as we'll help spread the word about all of the cool things you are doing

Email newsletter

Recently I was at a meeting for the new 1702 entrepreneurs group. The facilitator asked us to go around the room and tell what our biggest "WOW" moment was from the last month. As part of the newsletter we will share about the successes you are having.

We want to be your cheerleader. If this ends up being about us then we have failed. We want it to be about you, we want the business community to share in the excitement about what is happening here in our wonderful port city. We are inspired by what many of you are doing, you have so much to share. Are you game?

Marcus Neto
Fellow Entrepreneur and Business Owner