“Alabama Bicentennial” Murals by Dean Mosher


Fri, Jan 04

10:00 AM


Eastern Shore


Mosher has created nine murals for the Bicentennial, two of which will be displayed for the very first time in this exhibit, depicting seminal moments in the colorful history of Alabama since it achieved statehood in 1819. The original works, “Battle of Fort Mims” and “Tribute to the Merchant Marine”. are being unveiled for public viewing at this exhibit. A number of other murals depicting events in the state’s history will also be on display. In addition, many other Mosher works dealing with Alabama history and culture will be displayed, along with art and historical artifacts from Mosher’s personal collection.

Murals are funded by the Alabama Tourism Department, the Alabama Community Service Grant Program sponsored by Representative Randy Davis, and the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation.

Eastern Shore Art Center 
401 Oak St.
Fairhope, AL 36532

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