CS:GO Community Pizza Night


Fri, Jun 21

6:00 PM




We want to help grow the CS:GO Community around the gulf coast and host a Community Pizza Night. Some people may be familiar with these as we have held them for different games, but for those who are not here it is... From 6pm to midnight we will be holding a "community night", for $20 you will get unlimited time on our PCs to play CS:GO and meet other people who play CS:GO. We will also be providing FREE pizza for everyone that attends around 8pm. We want to try and get some in house games going and have some fun.

We want to help connect CS:GO players with each other to help build the community. Eventually, once we get enough people interested we want to run Tournaments and Leagues for CS:GO, but this will be our starting off point. Make sure you tell your friends who play CS:GO and invite them out to our community night and help us grow the Gulf Coast CS:GO Scene.

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