Delta Dash


Sat, Sep 29

2:30 AM


Eastern Shore


The date for this years Delta Dash is 9/29/2018 and registration will open June 1st. Mark your calendars and start getting ready to be challenged like never before! 

Experience the Delta like never before. A 5K obstacle course race designed to challenge the heart, body and soul. 

The goal is simple…provide participants of all lifestyles and ages with an opportunity to test endurance, stamina, resilience, quick decision making skills, animal instinct and the ability to enjoy a face-full of mud, leaves or whatever else the terrain throws their way. 

The Delta Dash will take place on over three miles of wooded terrain where several obstacles will be encountered. Obstacles could be anything from crawling in the mud, wading through a creek, a mega slip-and-slide, scaling hay bales or something else (we aren't going to tell you all our secrets). 

This opportunity for the adrenaline rush of your life will take place on Saturday, September 29th at Lower Bryant’s Landing in Stockton. 

Register now and begin preparing for an adventure that will push you to new limits. 

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