Gulf Coast Beekeeping School, Robertsdale


Wed, Apr 11

6:00 PM


Eastern Shore


Come and be a part of one of the best beekeeping series around! Led by Becca of Little Green Bees and Becka of B's Bees, you're sure to receive a double helping to get you successfully started keeping bees! 

Gulf Coast Beekeeping School is committed to helping you become a great beekeeper. We welcome questions, encourage mentorship and are truly passionate about beekeeping.

The basics of beekeeping class includes information about: 

Honey bee biology

Pests and problems honey bees face

Types and parts of hives,

Gardening for honey bees

Great how to tips so you don't make the beginner mistakes WE made! ;)

Alabama beekeeping laws

At the end of class, have a great time participating in an open hive demo. 

This class is an introductory class!

Classroom materials included.

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