Keeping Godzilla: Owning Large Reptile Species


Tue, Oct 09

6:30 PM




“Mom! It’s only $20.00! Can we get it?” 

It seems that at reptile shows and pet stores, some species of reptile that get the largest are often the cheapest. Impulse buys happen every day, or well-intended owners believe they have years to plan for housing and care for the adult version of the cute baby snake, lizard, or tortoise. If they can’t, they think a zoo or someone on Craigslist will take it. What DO you do when you have a 20-pound lizard that outgrows a 75-gallon tank? That 12-inch redtail boa will need big food one day, what do you feed it? When the weather gets cold, what will you do with a tropical adult Iguana, or an 80-pound Sulcata tortoise? A topic filled with real life stories, ideas, experience, humor, and frustrations, and things that may help a keeper think outside the box…because their reptile outgrew it!

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