Market in the Park


Sat, Jul 11

7:30 AM


300 Conti St

Mobile, AL 36602


We welcome anyone who is healthy to visit our Market in order to procure healthy, local food from area farmers, ranchers, and small businesses. Please be patient and follow these strict guidelines while shopping with us.

• Masks / face covers must be worn by ALL consumers.
• Wash your hands for 20 seconds on upon arrival at Market as well as frequently while moving throughout the Market at the various hand washing stations available. • Take advantage of the hand sanitizer that is required and available at each vendor's selling area.
• Do not congregate between sales areas or in walkways.
• Maintain at least an arm's length distance between other shoppers, as well as vendors, especially when waiting in line.
• DO NOT greet ANYONE at Market with a handshake or hug.
• Avoid touching your face at all times.
• Do NOT touch any products until purchased. Alert Market staff as to what you would like to purchase. • Do NOT hand payment directly to vendor. Place cash or card on available surface for vendor to pick up. When possible, use Apple Pay or Venmo on your smartphone. If using this method, remember to sanitize your phone both before and after you attend Market.
• Anyone feeling unwell in any way should not attend Market.
• Any shopper who is at a higher risk, including individuals who are over 65 and/or with underlying health conditions should stay home.
• NO ANIMALS/PETS are allowed at Market unless they are service animals as defined by the ADA (emotional support animals do not qualify).

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