Mystic Squirrels of Bienville


Sun, Feb 23

10:30 AM




The Mystic Squirrels of Bienville Square (Mystic SOBs) are gearing up for a new and exciting year of parading with The Joe Cain Marching Society! Go nuts, get creative, and celebrate the arts - all while raising funds for the Mobile Arts Council.

Want to parade as the adorable squirrel tricksters of Bienville Square? Registration for the Mystic SOBs is open now through Thursday, February 6th. Membership is limited to the first 100 applicants. Members must be 21 years of age or older.

Membership includes an exclusive Mystic SOB mask, a signed Mardi Gras squirrel print, a sign-crafting social session on Sunday, February 16th at 2 p.m., a pre- and post-parade private party at Mobile Arts Council (includes food & drink), marching as a Mystic SOB in the People’s Parade, and peanut parade throws provided by A&M Peanut Shop!

Register in-person at Mobile Arts Council or online:

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