Prohibition Cocktail Tour


Sat, Jan 12

6:00 PM




Guests will enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and hear about the secret history of Mobile during this Prohibition-themed bar crawl. Hear stories about “blind tigers”, rum runners, and moonshiners who kept the drinks flowing and the party going even as Federal agents, early feminists, and the Ku Klux Klan swore to enforce the Volstead Act.

During the Jazz Age an Alabama band leader climbed to fame, a Montgomery debutante married the writer of a generation, and a local architect built a mysterious Egyptian temple in the heart of Dixie. But the twenties could not roar forever. Finally Federal agents brought the party to a grinding halt and by the end of the decade the Azalea City would be in the grip of the Great Depression. Prohibition was an epic battle pitting Catholic against Protestant and African American against the Klansman until the Volstead Act was defeated in 1933 and prohibition was repealed.

Sample cocktails at Southern National, the Side Car Lounge, and the Haberdasher. In between we’ll talk about the music, literature, and architecture that kept the twenties roaring and made Mobile the wildest city in Alabama. The tour takes 2 hours, and includes 3 cocktails. All guests must be 21.

  • All Tickets for this tour: $50. Includes tour and 3 cocktails.
  • The tour begins inside the Haunted Book Shop, 109 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602.

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