Serda's First Annual Christmas Homebrew Competition


Sat, Nov 23

11:00 AM




Welcome to the first ever Serda Christmas Homebrew Competition! This competition's beers will be Christmas in theme; all styles welcome but they must contain Christmas related ingredients and/or a style related to the season. We have a limit of ten entrants, recipes must be submitted at least three days prior to the brew date of November 23, you must have your own brewing equipment (capable of producing a sixth barrel of beer) and fermentation vessel. We will provide, grain, yeast (any specialty gain/yeast you purchase will be done through the Wine Smith and will be charged to the brewery) and a fermentation space for ales (68-70F, if you require a different temperature you will have to provide your own fermentation space). We will also have our hot and cold liquor tanks ready for use. You will be responsible for your own propane and fermentation vessel!

With all that out of the way, the fun part... All beers will be served to the public and judged December 14th. There will be a grand prize winner, their beer will be scaled up on our 3.5 barrel system and sold in the taproom! There will be two runner ups whom, will be immortalized on the Golden Homebrew Keg of Fame which will be permanently displayed in our taproom. All winners will also receive a Serda's T-Shirt and Gift Card.


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