U Pick Organic Blueberries at Weeks Bay Plantation


Sat, May 19

9:00 AM


Eastern Shore


It's blueberry time! Come out and pick fresh, organic blueberries for you and your family to enjoy year round. Eat some now, freeze a bunch for later! We are the only USDA sanctioned organic blueberry farm in the region! 

Our blueberries are $8 a pound for the first six pounds (one bucket) and then $4 a pound for all additional pounds. 
We will be open regularly on Saturdays for picking from 9am-noon and 4pm-8pm and then additional days during the week will be announced weekly based on weather and availability. 
Make sure to check back on Facebook and/or our website at the beginning of EACH WEEK for additional picking day announcements. 

Click here for our Berry FAQ's! http://www.weeksbayplantation.com/organic-berries/berry-faqs/

Here at Weeks Bay Plantation we are driven by a mission of creating delicious food through nutritional and natural growing methods. Our fifteen varieties are 100% organic meaning we use no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals at any time in the life of our plants. 
The Becky Blues, Tifblues, Britewells, Emeralds and all the other varieties we grow have an amazing taste, sweetness and aroma that we believe is a result of the proprietary nutrient mix we have developed. That and a lot of sunshine and love! And every one of our berry varieties holds bragging rights to some of the highest BRIX levels in the nation.
This is something we’ll tell you all about when you visit because if you know how to identify great food, you’ll be able to choose only the best for your family. BRIX is a method of measuring the health of the plant and the density of nutrients in the fruit. The higher the BRIX, the better the food!
Our BRIX level is a magnificent 15 which exceeds the national average! (The USDA considers 12 to be good and 15 to be excellent. The average among major growers nationally is 11.3.) And our dedication to nutritional growing methods ensures our high BRIX levels will remain in place.
Put on some outdoor shoes, a hat and some sunscreen and come on over – we’ll do the rest. And bring the kiddos – they’ll have a blast (we even host school field trips so check out the Organic Outings section for more information).


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