Job Description:

ATSS is in need of a Derrick Oiler for a client in Mobile, AL


High School diploma or GED preferred

TWIC Required ( Transportation Worker Identification Credential)

Eligible to obtain ASD credentials. And able to secure credentials within 30 days

Valid Drivers License

No prior convictions for Theft.

Able to pass Drug screens & Breathalyzer test


Prior experience with at least one of the following pieces of equipment in a maritime setting, or another applicable facet.

Friction cranes

Heavy equipment

Maritime equipment


Air Brakes

Work under crew foreman.

Assigned to a specific crane & take ownership of that crane.

Tools to be kept on crane

Keep crane inventory of supplies on board. i.e. Filters, air cans, valves, fluids, etc.

Grease all grease points on intervals and record

Perform daily checklist

Perform needed brake and friction adjustments with help from crew.

Change out air cans on breakdowns with crew help (broken air cans delivered to Shop for repair ASAP and restock with good can)

Repair air valves and air leaks (broken air valves to shop to be repaired and restock with good valve)

Change out needed engine filters between major oil changes

Written reports of ALL problems, adjustments and changes made on shift.

Report all minor problems to management so they can be addressed ASAP. (you are the eyes and ears of your crane, report everything)

Report major break downs to Manager.

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