"Alabama Bicentennial" Murals by Dean Mosher

Exhibit Dates: January 4th - February 23rd
Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10 am - 4 pm

Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to see the unveiling of a local and nationally known artist, Dean Mosher's, mural of  “Battle of Fort Mims” at the Eastern Shore Art Center, in celebration of Alabama's 200th year as a state! I'm sure many of you know of Dean's murals or the castle he lives in across the bay but if you don't you need too! He is a great asset to our community and to the preservation of our history. This mural is one of nine that are being exhibited at the Eastern Shore Art Center and then will be displayed in other cities to celebrate the bicentennial this year. Not only are his murals on display in this exhibit but he has also collected historical artifacts over the years that are also being displayed. His work has been displayed in the Smithsonian and all over the country.

Dean is so much more than just a painter, he is a true "artist-historian". Behind each of his murals is enough research to write a book! Through this exhibit, his murals delve into significant events in Alabama's history since we became a state in 1819. His murals are packed full of rich historical details, everything from what the weather was like to what people were wearing during these events has been meticulously researched and rendered. He takes the time to not only tell us the facts through his murals but also the story and emotions behind each event. You will feel transported to the center of the action when you look at one of his murals!

It is a great opportunity to be able to view our state's history in such a vivid way. As we start this year of celebration it is a good time to look back at our past as we move forward and look to what our future will hold.

Eastern Shore Art Center
401 Oak St.
Fairhope, AL 36532

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