Fashion with a Cause

This Alabama heat is not the only thing warming up Mobile! This Saturday, Mobile Fashion Week is bringing every facet of the fashion industry together to support a local charity, Camp Rap-A-Hope. From models to designers, makeup artists to hairstylists, everyone in this year's show is ready to donate the largest check thus far to this amazing camp for kids with cancer.

The seventh year's show is taking place at The Fort of Colonial Mobile on September 22, 2018. The historical Fort guarded Mobile and its citizens for almost 100 years, from 1723-1820. The Fort had been built by the French to defend against British or Spanish attack on the strategic location of Mobile and its Bay as a port to the Gulf of Mexico, on the easternmost part of the French Louisiana colony. And now here we are in 2018, not only mesmerized by the beautiful location, but bringing bits and pieces of everyone's history into a show all about fashion. 

This event is part of an even bigger development along our Gulf Coast, a movement of fashion-forward thinking and creative outreach.

Richard McGill, Founder of Mobile Fashion Week

Buy your tickets while they last for $30 and be a part of the ‘Biggest Fashion Statement’ along the Gulf Coast.

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